Director's Message

Welcome to the Family of C J Aqua Tech: Being the Director of C J Aqua Tech, I take this opportunity to address to all the viewers of the website, that Metro Neer our Brand for Packaged Drinking Water is much more than a Name and Business. For us Metro Neer is a flagship product to which a huge segment of the society has shown undying trust and today, Metro Neer has become an essence of quality.

In this time frame, since the Company's Incorporation, Metro Neer has not only emerged as a Generic name in the segment of packaged drinking water but also it has found itself as a leading Brand in the segment. All along this journey and the journey yet to come, we here at C J Aqua Tech, promises to all our Consumers and Business Partners that C J Aqua Tech has and will always come up with Premium Class Products enriched with Purity, Health, Durability so as to uplift the living standards of the citizen of the Society and Country as a whole.

C J Aqua Tech has always embraced the motive to, make the living parameters better and convenient for each one of our consumers related to all the products designed, manufactured and packaged by our team. To maintain the legacy of trust and faith, a lot of research work has to be done as well as all the products have to undergo intensive standard tests and refinements by the competent R & D labs.

I hereby avail this opportunity to represent C J Aqua Tech as a Respected, Trustworthy and Socially Responsible Company, as all our actions are guided and motivated by our fundamental principles. We hereby collectively promise to each one of the Society, that every C J Aqua Techian would continue to invest in our people, their careers, talents and capabilities and empower each of C J Aqua Techian to get involved in innovation and delivering the highest quality services to our consumers.

C J Aqua Tech